SAR Televenture IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium)

The SAR Televenture IPO is scheduled to open for subscription on November 1, 2023, and will close on November 3, 2023. The company’s stock has a face value of ₹2 per share, and it’s a book-building issue with the IPO price range set between ₹52 to ₹55 per share, with the final price to be determined within this range.

The IPO of SAR Televenture Ltd consists solely of a fresh issue component and does not include any offer for sale. In this fresh issue portion, SAR Televenture Ltd will issue a total of 45,00,000 shares (45 lakh shares). At the upper price band of ₹55 per share, this fresh issue amounts to ₹24.75 crore. As there is no offer for sale, the overall IPO size is also 45 lakh shares, aggregating to ₹24.75 crore at the upper price band of ₹55 per share.

As with most SME IPOs, SAR Televenture Ltd’s issue includes a market-making portion with an inventory allocation of 2,30,000 shares. R.K. Stock Holding Private Ltd will be the market maker for the issue, providing two-way quotes to ensure post-listing liquidity with low basis costs.

After the IPO, the promoter’s stake in the company will be diluted from 87.8% to 61.46%. The fresh funds raised will be utilized for several purposes, including the installation of 5G/4G towers, repayment of secured borrowings, and funding working capital requirements.

About SAR Televenture IPO GMP

The Grey Market Price (GMP) typically commences trading around 4-5 days before the IPO opens and extends up to the listing date. In the case of SAR Televenture IPO, GMP data for the last 2 days is already available, which provides a reasonable indication of the expected listing performance.

Two main factors influence the GMP. Firstly, market conditions, particularly liquidity levels in the market, have a significant impact on the GMP. Secondly, the extent of subscription to the IPO reflects investor interest and also strongly affects the GMP. It’s important to note that GMP can technically be in the negative, indicating that the stock may list at a discount to the issue price.

It’s crucial to remember that the GMP is not an official price point but rather an informal one. Nevertheless, in most cases, it has proven to be a useful informal indicator of demand and supply for the IPO. Hence, it does provide a general idea of the likely listing performance and the post-listing performance of the stock.

How has the GMP panned out in last few days

DateGrey Market Price (GMP)

The grey market premium (GMP) trend for SAR Televenture Ltd’s upcoming IPO suggests significant investor interest and a positive outlook. As of the latest available data, the GMP has shown a strong rally, indicating robust demand for the company’s shares.

Here’s a summary of the GMP trend:

  1. GMP Opening: The GMP started at around ₹17, indicating an initial premium over the upper IPO price of ₹55 per share.
  2. GMP Increase: Over the subsequent days, the GMP has surged to ₹27. This suggests growing enthusiasm among investors for the IPO.

It’s essential to remember that the GMP is a dynamic and informal indicator, subject to change as new information becomes available. While it reflects positive market sentiment, it’s not an official or guaranteed pricing mechanism.

If you consider the upper band price of ₹55 per share for SAR Televenture Ltd’s IPO, the GMP implies a likely listing price of approximately ₹78 per share. However, these are approximations, and the actual listing price may vary.

SAR Televenture IPO GMP FAQs:

What is SAR Televenture IPO GMP Today?

SAR Televenture IPO GMP is ₹55 as of today.

What is SAR Televenture IPO Subject to Sauda Today?

SAR Televenture IPO Subject to Sauda is ₹85000 as of today.

What is SAR Televenture IPO Expected Returns?

SAR Televenture IPO Expected Returns is 100%.

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