Micropro Software Solutions IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium)

The Micropro Software Solutions IPO is set to open for subscription on November 3, 2023, and it will close on November 7, 2023. Each share of Micropro Software Solutions has a face value of ₹10, and the IPO price is fixed at ₹81 per share. This IPO consists entirely of a fresh issue component and does not have a book-built portion.

In the fresh issue segment, Micropro Software Solutions will release a total of 37,90,400 shares (approximately 37.90 lakh shares). At the fixed IPO price of ₹81 per share, this fresh issue will raise a total of ₹30.70 crore. Since there is no offer for sale portion in this IPO, the size of the fresh issue is also the overall size of the IPO. Therefore, the total size of the IPO is comprised of 37,90,400 shares, which, at the IPO price of ₹81 per share, aggregates to ₹30.70 crore.

About Micropro Software Solutions IPO GMP

The grey market price (GMP) for trading typically begins about 4-5 days before the IPO opens and continues until the listing date. In the case of Micropro Software Solutions Ltd, GMP data has been available for the last 3 days, providing some insights into the potential listing.

Two main factors influence the GMP. First, market conditions, including liquidity in the market, can significantly impact the GMP. Second, the level of subscription for the IPO also plays a substantial role in determining the GMP, as it reflects investor interest in the stock. It’s important to note that GMP can theoretically be negative, indicating that the stock may list at a discount to the issue price.

How has the GMP panned out in last few days?

DateGrey Market Price (GMP)

If we consider the upper end of the price band for the IPO of Micropro Software Solutions Ltd at ₹81 per share, the GMP indicator on October 31, 2023, suggests a likely listing price of around ₹111 per share. However, please keep in mind that this is a dynamic figure that can change. Monitoring the subscription updates for the stock will be a critical data point to track and gauge the GMP accurately.

Micropro Software Solutions IPO GMP FAQs:

What is Micropro Software Solutions IPO GMP Today?

Micropro Software Solutions IPO GMP is ₹5as of today.

What is Micropro Software Solutions IPO Kostak Rate Today?

Micropro Software Solutions IPO Kostak Rate is ₹- as of today.

What is Micropro Software Solutions IPO Expected Returns?

Micropro Software Solutions IPO Expected Returns is 6%.


GMP of Micropro Software Solutions mentioned here is only valid for the date specified in the header. We want to make it clear that we are not involved in buying or selling IPO forms in the IPO Grey Market.

The Kostak Rate represents the extra amount someone can earn by selling their IPO application to another person in a private transaction, even before the shares are officially allocated or listed.

We strongly NOT RECOMMEND subscribing to an IPO solely based on the premium price you see here, as it can change at any time before the company’s shares are listed. It’s essential to make your decision to invest by considering the fundamental factors of the companies involved.

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